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How important is regular maintenance?

If you are anything like I was when I first started out RVing, then you very rarely consider the impact of proper maintenance on your recreational vehicle. I used to treat my class C motorhome as just a vehicle that had a bed, bathroom and kitchen in it. I also thought it would be ready to go anytime I wanted to plan a trip. Very little time went into getting up on the roof to inspect sealant, looking at the seals along joints on sidewalls and maintaining a written record of any maintenance I completed. I had little, if any, organization.

As a result, my motorhome suffered significant water damage and it took a great deal of effort to make repairs. I did not do the proper research regarding winterization, and I had catastrophic damage to my freshwater system. After spending $1000 on repairs, I learned that my behavior had to change. I became interested in making sure the right maintenance was getting done. I watch many YouTube videos (just as I am sure you have done) and became educated. I did the maintenance myself when it was within my scope of ability and if I had the tools. I started to become much more familiar with the systems on my RV.

Many of my clients understand the importance of proper maintenance but do not have the time, ability, or skillset to do the maintenance themselves. Part of what I do here at Rampant RV is to educate my clients on how they can perform many recommended maintenance themselves, to include proper "winterizing" and other pre-season steps. You need to understand the importance of regular maintenance but knowing the consequences of not performing it. Repairing damage caused by improper maintenance is simple very costly. Worse yet, the damage is most often completely avoidable! Be a responsible RV owner, save yourself lots of time and money, and get your maintenance done. I can help.

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