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Our regular service area

Many Mobile RV Technicians choose not to reveal their service fees until you call them. We are different! It is our belief that being transparent helps you, the customer, make an informed decision when hiring an RV technician or inspector.

Available Services

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Scheduled RV Repairs

Scheduled repairs are subject to the $75 service fee and billed at $135/hr with a one hour minimum. Charged in 15 min increments thereafter. Replacement parts, if required, will be added to the invoice. The technician will assist with factory warranty paperwork if applicable.


Maintenance Packages

We offer a flat fees for many manufacturer's suggested maintenance such as winterizing, tank sanitizing, lubrication, AC coil cleaning, bearing repacking and more. Packages range from $50 to $300 and up and are dependent on your RV and the scope of the maintenance. Free estimates available.


Service Calls & Emergency Repair Fees

Service calls start at $75 within 40 miles of our office, then increase based on $2 per mile distance past that. Service call fee is not waived for walk-up customers at campgrounds unless approved on-site. Emergency/after-hour repairs & diagnostics will have a $100 ASAP fee added to service call.


Permier RV Inspection

A comprehensive inspection of an RV or motorhome you are considering purchasing to include over 500 points of inspection, fluid sampling reports, dozens of photos, and a detailed written report. This report will help negotiate with a seller and assist in your purchase decision. Price depends on unit type, size and travel distance, but is normally a $799 minimum.



A diagnostic fee of $125 may be required before the technician determines the resolution requirements to your problem. This diagnostic fee will be applied toward the repair fee if the repair is authorized by you.  


Generator Repair

Generator repair is a special skill set and is billed at a premium rate of $225 per hour. Replacement parts, if required will be added to the invoice. Call for a telephone interview and presumptive diagnosis.

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